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So, for assistance with vetting your applicant, whether for employment, volunteer support or tenantry it starts with an application, resume and a signed consent release form.  The initial check report can be completed in two to three business days depending on the level of search requested and information provided.

A Background Investigation and Adjudication

  • Social Security Number Verification
  • National Sex Offender Registry check
  • Criminal DMV Records Check
  • Credit Report
  • Educational Degree Verification
  • Reference interview for employment and character verification
  • Federal Records check when appropriate

Background Services

In a global society searching for the right person or business is extremely time consuming.  With individuals today being more migratory and willing to relocate for work or better living, verification of a person's past  requires a significant time commitment.  Yes, there are numerous services that provide background reports "instantaneously"; however, those reports are generally a snapshot of the history of the person or entity, collected from 3rd party sources, with little or no substantive information.  Here at R.E.E.L. Solutions Group we can provide you with that level of background, which we refer to as a "Background Check".   A "check" will confirm that a person with a specific name did at some point live at a specific address, worked in the area, may or may not have done something that required a judicial action and may have owned some type of property.

However, for instances where a higher degree of adjudication and verification is required, our team of certified background investigators will complete the process of checking and searching all jurisdictions and data-set to provide all information of an individual's, work, education and residential life.  Social Security verification, educational degrees, driving and criminal records, credit history, and past employment with references will all be verified by documentation or personal interviews.

What Information is part of a typical Background Check

  • Past Names and addresses used as part of an application
  • Information from court filings "docket" usually no dispositions
  • Past voter's registration 
  • Property or vehicle records filed with local municipality
  • Bankruptcy proceedings filed with court, usually no dispositions
  • Some email and social media information
  • Cellphones or landlines; usually associated with address or similar name