Violence today has infiltrated every aspect of our community.  Our safe havens such as schools, religious institutions, malls, parks, cruise ships etc. have seen a drastic increase in occurrences of violence; fire drills are being replaced by active shooter/active threat drills.  These threats though random are not entirely unpredictable, the timing and in some cases the location is.

Our investigative team and associates have the experience and knowledge to assist your organization in developing solutions to address the potential threats and safeguard your company's most treasured resources.

When time is of the essence and discretion is paramount , the agents and staff of REEL Solutions Group is the choice for your courier and process service needs. RSG will provide local courier and messenger delivery service for your time sensitive packages /shipments to their destination safely and securely.    Our staff understand privacy, classification and sensitivity of personal and proprietary information we will provided seals or programable locks to meet your protective needs.  So if you need someone served or your document transported call us for a quote.

Workplace Violence Prevention & Mitigation

Why wait until it's to Late?
Having a 3rd Party review your systems and process can save you money and time.


Process and Courier Service

  • Workplace violence threat assessment
  • Assets and persons location
  • Process Service
  • Executive Protection Assessment
  • Law Firms
  • Medical Professionals
  • Research Centers

Compliance is an issue that can make or break any organization.  With so many regulations,  regulatory entities and the onslaught of innovations most businesses find themselves reacting to compliance issues.  The fact is, if an organization had the resources and time, compliance would and should be used to improve productivity.  The establishment and/or implementation  of standard operating procedures as set forth in most regulations make for fewer mishaps, increase productions and cohesion within the workplace.  RSG can review your organization's procedures and assist you in identifying compliance concerns, conduct internal audits to support both self-compliance and external reporting requirements.

Don't let compliance be an anchor in the growth of your business,  instead let RSG be the catalyst to improve productivity and profits to your organization.

At R.E.E.L. Solutions Group, LLC, we have built our investigative and security business on the principle of meeting the demands of the smaller sized clientele with the features provided to larger companies. Our keen knowledge of the investigative industry and services we provide stem from our combined 120 plus years of service in the military, federal and local law enforcement governments as well as the private and corporate sector. RSG is dedicated to providing you with the finest service and value in private investigations, Insurance investigations, background checks, asset checks and more.

 RSG’s goal is to meet the client where they are and has established strong relationships and a Trusted Partnership that’s covers the globe. It is our commitment to you, the client, that you receive the highest quality, professional investigation services available. We look forward to discussing how R.E.E.L. Solutions Group, LLC Investigative and Security Services can assist with your specific investigation needs. 

  • Active Shooter / Active Threat

  • Workplace Harassment / Title IX

Internal Audits & Compliance Review

PHONE:   (919) 803-4890

  • Local Businesses
  • Retail Centers and Parks
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Architects/Engineers
  • Real Estates Agencies /Developers
  • Government and Corporates Offices

Premiere Service

In a highly competitive marketplace knowledge and information is power.  This applies to both external and internal functions of your business.

Do you know who you are hiring?  Do you know who you are partnering with? 

Let us get you the right information to make those decisions.  Click the image to find out more.

  • Background Checks & Investigations
  • Internal Audits and Compliance
  • Theft, embezzlement, and fraud

Have you ever wondered if an employee is a risk to your company?

RSG can provide full back check and validate employee information