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Continuity Planning - is your staff keen on what to do if a crisis occurs at your business?  What steps to take to ensure your operations can continue in the event of a server crash, building fire or the effects of a natural disaster?  Contingency/Continuity planning provides an outline and the steps necessary to maintain your business essential functions. Many large companies have contingency plans for individual systems or whole departments.  What’s your plan?  The team of professionals at RSG will work with you to look closely at your exposure to internal and external threats, evaluate your assets and resource availability to develop a plan that prevents and/or minimizes the impact while accelerating the recovery process so your organization can maintain its competitive edge.  A well developed contingency plan can make the difference between effective recovery and failure.

​Let our staff conduct an initial free consultation and identify your possible risk.

Conducting exercise is an important component of a holistic conse​quence or crisis management program.  The training of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures is designed to create response resiliency. A major proponent of this program is the conduct of an annual Full Function Exercise. The approach we at REEL Solutions take is to utilize a number of small modular training sessions  which are adaptive to our clients needs and include practical exercise that can culminate with a possible "No Notice Functional Exercise".  All plans that are developed must be validated and at RSG the process of testing a plan is done thru some form of training and exercise.

Our staff pride itself on developing scenarios based on real world events to assure our client an optimum response of its staff in an event.  So if you haven't tested your plan in the last six months or have had some significant hires, call us and we will help you design and execute your test.  Remember if you don't exercise your plan then you have planned to fail.

Types of Exercise:

  • Drills
  • Tabletop (Executive, or Managers)
  • Functional & Simulations
  • Full-scale ​

Emergency Management  is a planning process that  encompasses a cycle of activities surrounding a crisis. That cycle is Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. This cyclic process is interdependent on both private and public sectors.  At RSG we are prepared to help you assess your organization's readiness to do its part. We will start by sitting with you during our free consultation to determine the extent to which your planning should go.  We will look at some key indicators to see what your exposure and vulnerabilities may be.   Based on your business and operational needs we can develop recommendations for planning and even tailor some training and exercises to test and validate your capabilities and readiness.  It is our goal that your plan be in sync with the local response plan and detailed enough to potentially mitigate or reduce your insurance premium.  

Are you ready to help prevent or reduce the effects of an emergency or to be part of a response exercise?  Can you to take actions and assist others, then reset to be ready if needed again?.  Give us a call to start the planning process.


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