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Security Planning

Security Training

Loss Prevention

Is Your Plan updated?.

Have you tested your firewall security for any breeches?

Is your Staff they know how to protect assets?

What about bomb threats?

Security Plans  are measures designed or developed to deny, manage or control access to facilities, equipment and resources, and to protect personnel and property from damage or harm (espionage, theft, or terrorist attack).  It involves the use of various tools or techniques to assess and review security measures such as access controls, alarm systems & sensors, physical guard presence, etc., and to determine those systems and procedures best suited to maximize your protection.  RSG can provide full vulnerability assessments to insure your programs and systems match up with your risk. The benefit of an assessment can not be overstated, as it will highlight where you can be victimized by criminals. The bottom line is that a proper assessment identifies key assets and vital resources and includes what it takes to protect them. It will also include threats, vulnerabilities, current risk levels, and the risk level after mitigation.

Here at RSG we strive to provide affordable solutions to our clients and typically our recommendations can be implemented in a phase approach without expending capital. Most security solutions typically entails approximately 80% procedural or people base. The remainder is technology and infrastructure hardening.

Key Areas of Consulting:

Security System Design
Barrier and Perimeter Protection
Badging & Access Control
Physical Guard Program (Training & SOP Development)
Intrusion Detection System Design and Placement
Bomb Threats
Executive Security Service / PPS

We will provide professional assistance in the design and development of practices to be implemented to reduce preventable losses from various sources and to preserve your profits.  A preventable loss is any business cost caused by deliberate or inadvertent human actions, such as theft, fraud, vandalism, waste, abuse, or misconduct.

At RSG we will provide vulnerability and security assessments to identify those actions that leads to the preventable losses and when necessary conduct the  investigations to determine the deliberate acts that cause the loss and  assist the company with civil recovery

Conducting training and exercise is an important component of a holistic conse​quence or crisis management program.  The training of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures is designed to create response resiliency. This is the foundation of our training and development programs.  Our approach is to utilize a number of small modular training sessions  which are adaptive to our client's needs and include practical exercises which culminates with a "Functional Exercise".   We incorporate all plans in the process for realism and as a validation testing of the plan.

Our staff pride itself on developing scenarios based on real world events to assure our client an optimum response of its staff in an event.